Frequently Asked Questions

Why is effective teamwork, Leadership, communication and fun so important?

“Teamwork is incredibly important to all teams. Whether you are on the water or in land, effective teamwork has proven time and time again to be crucial to the effective running of teams and businesses across the globe.

From my personal experience and through others regularly on the water, there have been key events across history which we can employ to see the importance of how effective teamwork could have avoided disaster.

MS Estonia for one is a well-publicised disaster where effective teamwork could have avoided such catastrophic consequences. The great thing about learning about these events and how they could have been avoided is that those same teamwork lessons are applicable in the office as well as on the water.

As well as working as an effective team, we will cover how to lead from within whilst achieving successful team communication all whilst having fun learning!”


Our business isn’t anything to do with sailing, how can we apply your lessons to the workplace?

“There is one component that is a constant across different sectors and industries and that is the people factor.

Leading from within, draws across sectors and examines what lessons are applicable to us all, both on and off the water.”


How do you differ from other motivational speakers on the circuit?

“The focus of my delivery is the audience. No two deliveries are the same. Working directly with you or your client I will always adapt my content to suit your and your employee’s needs, bringing lessons learnt from the success and failures of the past, breaking them down into bite sized pieces that we are all able to take away and add into our tool kit.”


In a nutshell what will you learn?

“With every pair of hands, you get a free brain. Learning that the importance of everyone having a voice and demonstrating leadership in what they do no matter wherever they feature in the company structure will add to the company’s overall success. Bonus, they will have fun doing it!



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